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The Many Benefits of Hydration Therapy

The Many Benefits of Hydration Therapy

Hydration therapy is an effective way to get the fluids you need to stay healthy. Fluids, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds are delivered intravenously for immediate effects on your health. 

Digestive Disorders Associates is the only gastroenterology practice around Gambrills, Chester, and Annapolis, Maryland, to offer hydration therapy. Here’s why you should reach out and set up an appointment to receive this service today.

Hydrates efficiently

Drinking fluids and staying hydrated is encouraged by our practice and major health organizations. But, it’s hard to get enough beverages in and to fully hydrate all the tissues in your body. Hydration therapy quickly delivers all the fluids you need so that your whole system benefits. 

Bypasses your digestive system

When you drink a lot of fluids, especially all at once, your digestive system suffers. It has to work extra hard to clear the fluids it can’t process. Many nutrients are flushed out along with the excess fluid. 

When you receive fluids via IV, they go directly into your bloodstream, so you don’t have to rely on your digestive system to process them. You retain all your nutrients and experience less gastrointestinal stress.

Contains the right compounds

If you’ve become dehydrated due to illness or an intense workout, you need to replenish with more than plain water. You benefit from the electrolytes and other nutrients that were lost through sweating or diarrhea. Hydration therapy can replenish your body with the fluids it needs to thrive.

Improves your body’s overall function

Hydration therapy clears toxins out of your system. It optimizes your liver and kidney function. Even if you’re good about drinking lots of water and fluids, the slow pace of absorption doesn’t always allow your organs to rid themselves of built-up waste. Hydration therapy, however, can provide fluids to your organs and tissues more quickly.

Clears your head

It’s not just your body that benefits from being hydrated. Your brain also needs to be well-hydrated to function optimally. Memory and information processing suffers when you’re dehydrated. Hydration therapy delivers fluids to all places in your body efficiently, and that includes your brain.

Improves joint and muscle health

Joint pain and muscle aches can be heightened by dehydration. Oral hydration doesn’t always efficiently offer joints and muscles the hydration they need to feel and function at their best. The fluids from this therapy rapidly improves the hydration of these tissues so you feel better and move more easily.

Boosts immunity

Hydration therapy helps boost your immune system to protect you from illnesses like the common cold and the flu. It can include vitamins, like vitamin C and B12, to further promote good health and immunity.

Replenishes what you lose through diarrhea

If you have a condition like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, diarrhea is a fact of life. Diarrhea can quickly cause dehydration, but hydration therapy helps you avoid this complication.

Our team at Digestive Disorders Associates is ready to help you experience the benefits of hydration therapy for yourself. To set up an appointment, call one of our offices or use this website to reach out.

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