Important Office Policies



If, for any reason you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, or will be delayed, please call us as soon as possible.  You can also send us a note through our patient portal, or email us here (connect to email address.)

DDA requires a 24-hour notice for appointment cancellations.  If an appointment is not canceled with 24-hour notice, the patient is charged a $50.00 no-show fee/cancellation fee.

DDA physicians require a 48-hour notice for procedure cancellations, regardless of where the procedure is scheduled.  If a procedure is not canceled with a 48-hour notice, the patient will be charged a $100 no show/cancellation fee.

No show/cancellation fees will be due prior to the patient's next visit.


Your insurance plan is a contract between you and your insurance company, even if your employer provides it. We provide the medical service and submit the claim on your behalf. We do our best to verify your benefits prior to your procedure to make sure we collect the appropriate amount owed and to make sure your visit will be covered by your insurance plan. We do our best to notify and educate the patient of any learned information from insurance that may affect the visit. However, it remains the policy holder’s responsibility to know their insurance policies; Digestive Disorders Associates cannot know every detail to your specific plan. Ultimately, you are responsible for knowing what services are covered, how often, and how much of the cost is your responsibility.

You will be responsible for any portion of services that your insurance does not cover, including the cost of office visits if your deductible has not been met.  We accept cash, personal check, credit and debit cards for payment.

The policyholder should familiarize themselves with the insurance policy and any specific laboratory and anesthesia requirements.


Digestive Disorders Associates now offers patients the option of keeping a credit card on file to use for patient charges. At this time, this is an option we are offering for your convenience, it is not mandatory or required.

Credit cards on file will be used for:

Copays –When you arrive at our facility, please provide your credit card for payment, even if the card is on file.

Deductibles & Coinsurance – Currently, we require at the time of service for you to pay all or partial of your deductible and your entire coinsurance amount owed for each visit. Your credit card on file will be utilized to settle up any additional balances that were not credited to your account at the time of service.

Balances – If your insurance carrier assigns any additional patient responsibility amounts, we will run the credit card on file for this amount.

For all patient responsibility amounts assigned by insurance, our billing office reviews these amounts to ensure your claim has been properly adjudicated. If what is adjudicated by your insurance company does not match the benefits our billing office verified at the time of the service, we will contact you and your insurance carrier. Members typically receive their explanation of benefits prior to the provider, so if you disagree with the patient responsibility amount owed, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier immediately.

If your credit card is mistakenly run, we will immediately issue you a refund back on the credit card you have on file.

During the time you leave a credit card on file, if it expires or otherwise becomes uncollectible, we will expect you to promptly provide a new means of payment.

First Data Global Gateway will be the credit card transaction company we will be utilizing. First Data Global Gateway stores your information on a separate and secure site and enables us to run credit card transactions within our billing computer system. This system has layers of data security and fraud prevention tools. It offers end-to-end encryption and office personnel will not have access to your card.

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